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Add an AI-powered digital co-worker to your team.
Reduce cost with 70% and get rid of bottlenecks.

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What is Altran Digital Assistant?

Altran provide a digital assistant software that increases customer experience, lower costs and free internal resources. Add it as a digital co-worker to your customer services team, your HR-departement or similar, and gain 24/7 availability, instant scaling to customer demand as well as real time insights to requests. All through a user friendly chatbot interface.

IMPROVE CUstomer Service

  • Customer behavior is changing. Respond to users 24/7 to support buying decisions, responding to orders, or give internal support - when your clients need it and where they are - web, mobile or other channels, such as Messenger.

Free up resources

  • While our assistant automate responses to your clients, your team can focus on more complex issues. We respond easily to recurring requests, and integrate with back-end systems to browse products, respond to individual requests etc.


  • Using our digital assistant to automate responses, workload can decrease with up to 80%. Taking staffing and training processes, or multi-language needs into account, we help you improve your ROI on customer services.


  • Our digital assistant feeds real time data into your analytics dashboard, so you can take data driven decisions on what to improve. Use both built in AI to continuously train the assistant, or the data analytics dashboard to perfect your services.

Boost customer experience

  • Respond immediately to users
  • Available for web, mobile or channels such as Facebook Messenger
  • Get data driven customer insights in dashboard views

24/7 Availability

  • Support users requests or buying decisions 24/7
  • Scale without staffing costs and processes
  • Integrate to automatically respond to individual questions

Reduce 70% of costs

  • Reduce costs in hiring/retain, resource management, and training of customer service
  • Eliminate lead times in these processes
  • Focus staff on more qualified work

approach & features


Low effort and high gain

Automate Q&A responses rapidly
Web & mobile chatbot interface
Tutorials on training the assistant AI
Get data driven insights to user needs
Hand-over to human support when needed
Human centered interface design

Automate Individual requests

Integrate and respond with higher value

Respond to order and return requests
Let clients search or browse products
Respond and stay compliant to GDPR
Automate any system interaction with secure APIs
Deliver a higher customer experience


Tailored to specific needs

Extend to support several languages
Add payment directly into the chat
Add voice interaction to the interface
Place specific request with us


The Story

As up to 80% of requests to customer service departements handles repeatedly asked questions, companies struggle to achieve the excellent sales support that is expected and desperately needed in today´s online retail.

Altran’s retail chatbot adds usability designed digital assistant to your company’s sales support staff to answer all of these questions 24/7, politely, accurately and understandably, using Artificial Intelligence to interpret questions and respond to each customer individually - scaling to as many customers as needed

Online retailer Flattered have automated responses using Altran’s digital assistant with 70% in the first two months. By integrating to back end e-commerce systems the digital assistant can handle general inquiries as well as customer specific questions such as order or return status, freeing up time for staff to focus on value added sales conversion.

Altran's Digtial Assistant is an all Microsoft based solution available as-a-service that utilizes the AI in Cognitive Services. With 45 000 employees as global capacity and deep industry & vertical domain knowledge, Altran can support any client scenario and implementation.


Powerful dashboard

Altran Digital Assistant gives you valuable insight into your users. With the customer insights dashboard you will receive real time metrics on how many questions the bot gets, what your customers are asking, which questions the bot is unable to answer, and much more.

Used in conjunction with the training tool, these insights will continuously improve the accuracy of the Altran Digital Assistant.

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Project reference

AI chatbot increasing online customer experience

Flattered and Microsoft partnered with Altran Cloud Center to develop an AI based digital assistant (chatbot), to offload customer service team for customer requests.
Integrating with order and return backend systems users are served by the chatbot at 24/7 without escalating costs for Flattered, expecting above 70% offload for the customer service team.

Online retailer owned by Isabella Löwengrip


Expected offload for the customer service team

Powered by AI

Azures machine learning models improve responses over time

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